NUKE FAM VS. 05:21

The NUKE FAM 05:21 take-over is finally here!

The prophecy foretold of a time when 2 radioactive properties would collide; initiating world devastation. Thanks to Hip-Hop legend BLADE, that time is upon us. Throw on your hazmat suit and retreat to the nearest bunker for any chance of survival from the cluster of bars homing in on your pitiful existence. Check out the 05:21 showcase in the videos below!

If you don’t know about ESKAR and/or NUKE FAM RECORDS, then this is a good time to find out. ESKAR with the sick flows and heavy artillery is definitely one to look out for!

MICKY SWAGS, member and one of the founders of Huddersfield-based NUKE FAM RECORDS drops in for a 05:21 Live. Keeping Hip Hop alive in Huddersfield!

NUKE FAM members ESKAR & MICKY SWAGS combine forces to deliver this killer set…

Following up from the live performances by ESKAR & MICKY SWAGS, we managed to squeeze in a quick off-the-cuff interview with the guys, discussing a once thriving scene in Huddersfield, their entrance into making music, NUKE FAM RECORDS and their plans for expansion as a record label.

It was an absolute honour to rock it with the one and only BLADE for 05:21. BLADE is true Hip-Hop royalty and continues to inspire us, as well as the whole of the UK Hip-Hop scene. Make sure you follow @0521official and support all the incredible content they put out. Please like, share, and comment on each video above, and don’t forget to subscribe to the 05:21 YouTube channel!


Special thanks to the legend that is BLADE for showing Nuke Fam Records love and getting us in to do our thing.


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Love y’all!